Medical Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Units (ICUs) are the need of the hour when humanity is battling so many life threatening medical causes and disorders. With several specialities classified according to the advanced needs, the department of intensive care units need to be specifically designed for surgical and non – surgical medical conditions. Medical Intensive Care Units at Yashoda Hospital is specialised to cater to such non – surgical but critical medical conditions with its advance treatment alternatives and equipments.

Department of Medical Intensive Care Unit, Yashoda Hospital

With patients as our top priority and our medical experts as our best team against the sudden or gradually deteriorated medical conditions, we are prepared for the fight pro – life. Our ‘x no. of beds’ MICU ward always remains alert with ‘y no. of’ attending doctors and surgeons, backed up with twenty four medically trained staffs of nurses. The advance equipments backed up with twenty four power backup ensures that the patients are under constant support. The round the clock pathological laboratory coordinated well with the Pathological tests and patients are always monitored and observed for their stable medical conditions. This helps in saving any time lapse or delay which is precious in such extreme situations. Once the patient is admitted in our MICU ward, he or she remains under constant observation and apt medical attention is given with one on one ratio of attending medical staffs. Special measures are taken to avoid any medical negligence and our staffs are regularly trained to give the best in such extremely critical situations. We are glad to be serving the noble cause of fighting extreme diseases and help humanity survive medical catastrophic situations. Yashoda Hospital is happy to see you well and fine and our efforts ensure you to be able to remain so.

Images of MICU