Medical and Pathological Laboratory

The best of the medicare that Yashoda Hospital offers is heavily dependent on the fully equipped Diagnostic Laboratory and rightly so for the correct diagnosis of any disease. Our medical laboratory provides all the tests required for the patients admitted with multisystem diseases to ICU & other department.

Having hired the best of the pathologist, clinical biochemists, medical laboratory assistants who work hard and carefully to deliver correct and specific medical results without any error. Our laboratory is fully equipped with all modern testing equipments and reagents needed for the effective run out of prescribed medical test. Every testing and examination is done in a purely sterilized and hygienic manner which ensure further avoidance of any contact with contagious or infectious agents. Our laboratories go through repeated sterilisation measures and are strict on standard guidelines for maintenance. It is widely known for its twenty four hour a day run time to avoid any loss of critical time for our patients. We know the cost of a moment’s delay and it’s not our way of dealing with urgent medicare needs.

Yashoda Hospital is known for its fast and effective treatment to its patients and we can never compromise in quality and unnecessary delays. We ensure precision, care and error free test reports, building your trust as we serve.

Images of Path Lab