Department of Orthopedics

Orthopedics is a branch of surgical medicine which essentially involves dealing with the muscoskeletal system of human body. It deals with a range of disorders like spines diseases, degenerative diseases, muscoskeletal injuries and several sports injuries including congenital disorders related to the muscoskeletal system. Yashoda Hospital brings forth you the best possible treatment in this field with its eminent orthopedic surgeons on board.

Department of Orthopedics at Yashoda Hospital

Time and again, Yashoda Hospital has proved its mettle in affordable health care. It’s team of expert doctors have never let you down and so has the orthopedic surgeons in the house. Department of Orthopedics at Yashoda Hospital works closely to help you maintain the best of your shapes and movements. We are equipped with the latest technology on X-ray and MRI and professional service for fast diagnosis on any muscoskeletal disorder you may have. Our orthopedics surgeons help you get rid of that joint pain or the surgery you need to have after an injury as fast as you can think of. We provide you with therapies and medication and advise surgery whenever extremely needed. The skeleton and muscles form the very core of our body and it should ideally be free of any health issues. We understand how important your movement is for you. Orthopedic surgeons at Yashoda Hospital make sure that you feel fit and fine and your movements aren’t restricted in any way. We take your health seriously and we are here for it to remain in the best of its condition.

Head doctors

  • Nephrology Department

    Dr. Raveendra Madraki

        MD, DM (KEMH, MUMBAI)
  • Pathology Department

    Dr. Kamala Madraki

       MBBS (MD) DCP