Department of Nephrology

Nephrology – provides total renal care to the patient (adults and children).

Diagnostic tools available:

  1. Biochemical Investigations
  2. Sonography
  3. Renal Doppler
  4. Kidney Biopsy
  5. Renal angiography

Services Available:

  1. Outpatient services to kidney diseases & Hypoproteinemia
  2. Special services to patient with chronic kidney diseases(CKD stage I – V) with special emphasis on prevention of complication of CKD
  3. Preparation of patient & family for the management of CKD stage V
  4. Special clinics for the CKD stage IV,V patients with Access problem challenging for AVF creation
    • Grafts
    • Pana catch intervention
    • AVF intervention
Our setup is equipped to provide full fledged care to patients with renal diseases and critically ill patients. We offer the following facilities

  1. Hemo-Dialysis unit, both for day care & indoor patients
  2. Intensive care unit with all the facilities
  3. Centre for specialized management of
    • Refractory edema (nephritic and nephrotic syndrome)
    • Renal failure of all types
    • Hypertension and Diabetes related kidney diseases
    • Recurrent and relapsing Urinary tract infections
      -Renal calculus disease.
  4. Centre for acute and Chronic Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD).
  5. Workup for renal transplantation (LRDT) and care of Renal Transplant recipients.
  6. Preventive nephrology services.
The unit starts its operations from 7.00 a.m. and works till 11.00 p.m. on all the weekdays. The Unit is closed on Sundays and operates only in emergency situations. The patients are dialyzed for 4 hours and either two or three times in a week. The AKD staff has well-experienced and trained dialysis technicians, Nurses, Dietitians, and Nephrologist round the clock. Resident Medical Doctors are available to take care of the unforeseen medical emergencies.

Head doctors

  • Nephrology Department

    Dr. Raveendra Madraki

        MD, DM (KEMH, MUMBAI)
  • Pathology Department

    Dr. Kamala Madraki

       MBBS (MD) DCP