Department of Cardiology

A strenuously busy life, twelve hour working schedule and an unhealthy lifestyle with no focus on health – most Indians are susceptible to an alarmingly increased risk of heart disease. Over seventy per cent of today’s youth face fitness related issues directly related to cardiovascular condition. The complications related to heart claim more the seventeen million lives all across the world every year and unfortunately, India is leading the increasing slope with an annual increase of around twenty five percent. In such harsh scenario over the nation’s cardiovascular health, Yashoda Hospital has come forward to battle this leading claimant of lives with its esteemed team of cardiologists and cardio surgeons.

Yashoda Hospital’s Centre for Cardiovascular Care

With deep understanding of the grave nature of cardiovascular diseases, Yashoda Hospital’s team of Centre for Cardiovascular Care has come up with a twenty four hour intensive care service for your heart’s health. We have a range of non-invasive cardio care services to ensure your heart remains monitored and doesn’t head towards the worst disorders.

    • Non – Invasive Cardiac Services

      Right from ECG to Treadmill Tests, we are equipped with the best of inexpensive health care to monitor your heart’s health status. These range of tests include 2D Echo with color doppler scan or an adenosine and dobutamine stress 2D echo scan, transesophageal echo radiography (TEE), Holter Monitoring of Heart and Cardiovascular System. For constant observations of your cardiovascular health, we have twenty four hour ambulatory service for monitoring your blood pressure, event recorders with heart loop monitors, tilt table test with non – invasive EP Testing (NIEPS) amongst other standardised heart care equipments and services.

    • Invasive Cardiac Services

      We understand that once your heart is diagnosed with a complex disorder, there’s always a requirement of invasive and compulsive surgeries depending upon the severity of the case. Yashoda Hospital understands the urgency of a competent complex surgical and invasive treatments for your heart’s health care. Our competent and expert cardio surgeons offer an affordable cardio services such as coronary angiography or angioplasty with stenting wherever required. Several other standard procedures such as peripheral and carotid angioplasty, EP study and RF ablation, insertion of pacemakers in case of failures of AV bundle – be it temporary or permanent, device therapy for sudden heart failures, balloon valvuloplasty or non surgical closure of ASD, VSD and PDA, percutaneous intervention for structural heart diseases.

Emergency Cardio-healthcare Services

We are aware of the emergency services required for heart patients and this is why, Yashoda Hospital is committed to providing twenty four up front services especially for the needy. A dedicated team of cardiology team including cardiologists and nurses always ensure the best possible health care in Cardiac Intensive Care Unit of Yashoda Hospital. Battling the odds of cardiology is our passion and we ensure that our patients avail the best cardio care in the region. Your trust is our badge and we wear it with pride in the field of expert health care services.

Head doctors

  • Nephrology Department

    Dr. Raveendra Madraki

        MD, DM (KEMH, MUMBAI)
  • Pathology Department

    Dr. Kamala Madraki

       MBBS (MD) DCP