Catheretization Laboratory

Yashoda Hospital’s fully equipped and advanced cath lab, or Catheterization Laboratory is a patient examining room strictly developed according to standard international guidelines. It is set up with the best diagnostic imaging machine that helps us view the arteries and veins of the heart, including its ventricles and atriums. Thus, it enables us to detect any abnormalities and stenosis found in the cardiovascular system.

Cardiac experts at Yashoda Hospital always have a keen eye for the best treatment available to their patients. Hence, the hospital has ensured to be an ensemble of all possible treatments at one place. The development of our Cath Lab was done to excel in this direction only.

After a careful examination and observation of the cardiovascular patient, our cardiologists efficiently diagnose them with the apt treatments. In case of any advance treatment needed or abnormalities found, required procedure of cardiac catheterization is performed only when absolutely necessary. These services include coronary angiography, angioplasty, PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) angiography, trans-catheter aortic valve replacement, balloon septo-stomy, and an electrophysiology study or catheter ablation. If needed, pacemakers of standard quality are also fitted and replaced depending on the stability of our precious patient. These procedures are absolutely safe and done according to the international standards at affordable costs. The kith and kin of the patients are repeatedly kept updated with the progress while the patients are kept under strict regular observation. Our nursing team is quick and effective to provide necessary care for a faster recovery. Our cardiologists follow up with the stage wide improvement of their patients till the patient is fit and fine. Our patients feel free to consult us even after the discharge from our hospital. We believe in establishing trust and faith, our patients are the first link of this chain. At Yashoda Hospital, patients are the very first priority. We understand that lives are precious and we are here to serve the humanity, with the very best of it.

Images of Cath Lab