About Hospital

Yashoda Hospital, a multi speciality hospital established in the year 2012 with the sole motto of giving the best to health of mankind with dedication. Our doctors and medical staffs are just not doing their job of healthcare professionals but are always focused on improving lives with the best possible resolutions in care of sick ones. We provide complete health solution package to help our patients avoid any hassle and inconvenience regarding any health related issues.

Our Vision and Mission

Yashoda Hospital is guided by great visionaries in the field of medical science and always committed to provide affordable healthcare facilities for rich and poor under one roof. We always look forward to accommodate the best advancements and innovative treatment options in pace with the rest of the world and aspire to be the number one choice for health care. We are a 60 bed facility which aims to establish our franchise as the most trustworthy and dependable alternative for being your health partner which not only helps you to recover from any ailments but lead a happy and prosperous life in long term.

Our Promise

We are always hoping to see you in the best of your health and if not, we aim to get you back in your best health form with our persistent and dedicated efforts. We cannot see our patients losing hopes on their lives, as we know how precious and important each life is. Every life affects at least ten lives and we care to protect those amazing lives and thus, create an impact to make this world a better place. We promise you gaining back your health like never before with a pinch of care and love.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy